Growing Forward Program

Growing Forward – Building Natures Bridges

Through this project BBEMA is developing an environmental outreach initiative to promote and assist in the planting and preservation of native plants in urban, public spaces in order to create and strengthen resources for native pollinators. The Growing Forward Together initiative strives to increase education about native plants while supporting the active participation of people of all ages in local community, school and public gardens.  Working in collaboration with seniors and youth groups to advance efforts to sustain and increase urban based habitat areas for native pollinator species.

The Growing Forward Together program aims to increase youth awareness of the relationships between pollinators, native plants and biodiversity – and the greater role that each plays in creating a sustainable urban environment.   Pollinator gardens act as a very effective means to introduce children to what it means to be an active steward of wildlife in urban areas.  This project enables local youth to become members of a civic ecology community, engaging in concerted action – the rehabilitation of green spaces for plant and pollinator conservation. Summerside youth groups (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, school groups) will be partnered with seniors volunteers/organizations (East Prince Seniors Initiative, Wedgewood Manor) to design and develop urban gardens, reclaiming local pollinator habitats by returning native plants to the landscape – promoting the use of local species in public and private gardens and green-spaces.  Plantings will emphasize a variety of flowers with a range of shapes and sizes – incorporating variety of flowers that bloom throughout the season, incorporate flowers of different colors and fragrances on plants of different heights, providing a sequence of pollen and nectar sources throughout different life cycle stages.

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