Get To Know BioBlitz

Did You Know?….The International Day of Biodiversity is May 22nd

in celebration of this important day….each May BBEMA (in partnership with the Robert Bateman Society) hosts a Get to Know BioBlitz at the Maple Plains Agri Environmental Farm.

A BioBlitz is a species count that documents biodiversity in a natural area while allowing participants to develop a deeper understanding of the local environment. The Get to Know BioBlitz is a youth-friendly event that uses science, exploration and creative activities to help young people develop their understanding and appreciation of nature.

On May 25th, 2013 BBEMA invited 75 grade eight and nine science students from Summerside Intermediate School for a fun filled day of outdoor exploration as they tried their hand at species identification while learning about the plants and animals around them. The group was accompanied by 4 teachers and 10 community volunteers

Morning activities had students studying the woodlands, bog, pasture fields, ponds and streams. Some of the big finds of the day included a blue spotted salamander, a Northern Leopard frog, nesting pairs of black ducks and red wing blackbirds, Spring Peeper frogs eggs, and 2nd year Northern Green Frog tadpoles! A variety of insect larvae (mayflies, damselflies, freshwater leech, water mite, dragonfly, predacious diving beetle) and native plants (Lady Slipper Orchid, British Soldier Lichen, Sundew – a carnivorous plant, Bog Berry, and wild Rhododendron) were also found.

If your class is intertrested in participating in one of BBEMA’s BioBlitz’s please contact the BBEMA Education Coordinator – Samantha Doucette

frog eggstoad