The Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association (BBEMA) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization governed by a board of directors that broadly represents the citizens of the area and its resource-based industries. BBEMA was originally established in 1992.

The Bedeque Bay Watershed area is composed of six smaller sub-watersheds; Sunbury Cove, the Wilmot River, the Dunk River, the Bradshaw River, Seven Mile Bay/Salutation Cove and Schurman’s Point and represents a large and many varied community base (tourism, agriculture resource sectors, fishery/aquaculture, Industrial, rural and urban communities).

The Mission Statement of the organization is: “To provide sustainable environmental opportunities for the people of the Bedeque Bay Watershed, to conserve and enhance their watershed through planning, education, projects and partnerships.” BBEMA’s Vision for the watershed – “We envision the Bedeque Bay watershed supporting an improved quality of life within its boundaries through sustainable land use practices, the protection of our water resources and conservation of our natural habitats, ensuring environmental health and prosperity of our watershed for future generations”.

Visit us at the BBEMA office – the Emerald Train Station

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