DFO project (2014) Re-birth of a River – The Dunk River

some highlights of what BBEMA has been up to over the past couple weeks:

BBEMA is working to revitalize the Dunk River by restoring a healthy aquatic habitat so that angling on the Dunk River can return and provide economic benefits to the province. The Scales Pond has already been re-instated and the river below has managed to largely cleanse itself from the impairment of thousands of tractor trailer loads of sand/silt. A renewed sense of optimism has returned to the mighty Dunk, and the community has decided to roll up their sleeves and pitch in. Stream restoration, riparian zone tree planting and community outreach activities will be undertaken to ensure the successful re-birth of the Dunk.
Project goals include:
– Stream Restoration on the main branch of the Dunk, from Emerald to Breadalbane ( approximately 4km, through the selective removal of excessive instream debris, construction of brush mats to consolidate instream sediment and deployment of cover logs)
– the restoration of the historic holding pool in Lower Dunk River (at head of tide) through placement of a rock deflector and boulder groupings
– Restore and enhancement of underwater cover habitat by sinking cover log structures in the newly re-flooded Scales Pond and within the Dunk River (50 structures)
– Enhancing riparian zone quality through the establishment of 4000 long lived Acadian forest species trees and shrubs
– Monitor summer/fall water temperatures through automated water temperature recorders (July through to October)
– Conduct fall Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN) post site assessments to track the amount of fish habitat restored – monitoring of 4 stream sites on the Dunk River
– Conduct spawning survey (redd counts) for Atlantic salmon and brook trout

Completing an inventory and mapping of fish passage barriers throughout the Bedeque Bay Watershed – to identify restoration priorities (will include an Orthophoto series survey of Dunk River estuary) to access channel morphology and sediment deposits to monitor the impacts from Scales Pond dam failure and to identify restoration priorities.

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