Giving the Gift of Nature

Monarch Tagging & Release — It’s time again to let the beautiful butterflies that have taken up residence in the Monarch Butterfly House spread their wings and fly!

This year BBEMA’s tagging program is once again underway as we released 200 Monarchs into the wild.  This years Monarchs are taking off on wings of memory, celebration, excitement and hope……that all tagged Monarchs will reach their destination…

Every year thousands of Monarch Butterflies leave the Canada and begin their migration to Mexico. Did you know that a single Monarch butterfly travels up to 100 miles a day – traveling close to 2,500 miles to their destination of Mexico. In PEI, the peak season for migration is August 18 through September 20.

BBEMA’s wings of Hope Campaign offers the chance to be a part of one of the most remarkable natural events on the planet! through the opportunity to release tagged Monarch butterflies as a unique, symbolic and personal way to honor a loved one, celebrate a special friendship or commemorate the passing of a family member…. all funds received by BBEMA will go towards working with landowners to protect and enhance butterfly (including Monarch) and pollinator habitats across Prince Edward Island.

Above all else…each released tagged Monarch is a live research specimen that will hopefully help protect the declining species……..tracking migration patterns is vital to understanding why monarch numbers are declining and predicting the effects on the insects of milkweed plant loss, habitat destruction and other factors.

– below are some pictures of BBEMA’s ongoing release celebrations for 2013.

a new family releases tagged Monarchs to celebrate an Island wedding – Forte Augustus – August 17 2013
getting up close and personal with nature during a Children’s Monarch Summer Camp release
celebrating those we have lost through a Monarch release at Summerset Manor, Summerside – August 22, 2013
Children’s release at Wedgewood Manor, Summerside – August 22 2013