BBEMA Monarch Watch comes to Old Home Week

It’s that time again….Old Home Week on PEI….want to learn about Monarch Butterflies, efforts to save tis species at risk and the amazing migration they make yearly (2500km) to Mexico …visit the BBEMA Booth at Old Home Week where we have set up a Monarch Butterfly aviary with (live) adult Monarch butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalids.  Monarch tag and release demonstrations will be taking place on the Old Home Week grounds August 14th and 17th (as well as across the island) please see the BBEMA Buzz Spring/Summer 2013 newsletter link to see a complete listing of Monarch tagging and release dates.

the new BBEMA Monarch Watch t-shirts have arrived…if you would like to buy a t-shirt please contact us at the BBEMA office or visit the BBEMA Booth at Old Home week…all proceeds go towards Monarch and Butterfly Habitat Conservation on PEI. — BBEMA Monarch Watch

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