BBEMA’s Get To Know BioBlitz a success

BBEMA’s 3rd annual Get To Know BioBlitz was another great success – 65 students from Summerside Intermediate School spent the day with BBEMA staff working dilegently to identify and categorize all the living organisms at the Maple Plains Enviro Farm in Kinkora PEI – we would like to thank all the students, teachers, staff and volunteers who helped make the day a great success – lots of interesting and amazing finds were made – what a great way to celebrate International Day of Biodiversity May 22nd.
the Grade 7 and 8 students from SIS take a break from their busy day of exploring to pose for the BBEMA camera.

BioBlitz Results  May, 22/13

Under field notes:

Lichen                   Black Knot fungus                            Shelf mushroom                 Old man’s beard

White moss        Spagnum moss                                    British Soldier Lichen


Choke cherry                     Pin cherry           Striped maple                    Sugar maple

Popular                               Black spruce       White spruce                     Larch

White pine                         Red Pine              American Mountain ash

Apple                                   Wild apple          Willow                                White oak

Red oak                               White birch         Yellow birch                      Balsam fir

Tamarack                             Sumac                 Wild raisin                        Mountain maple

BUSHES & SHRUBS & Ground Plants


Sorrel                    hyssop                  Queen Anne’s Lace         feverfew

Chives                   oregano               thyme                   lavender              high bush cranberry

Blueberry            snakeberry         numerra                Wild rhododendron

Wild raspberry   Native spirea     Native aronia                   Bullrushes           Speckled alder

Fern                     Serviceberry       Wild blackberry

Northern bayberry             golden varrogate sage

Woolie thyme                   cattail

Wild thistle                   old man’s beard


Bluebeard lily                     Mayflower          wild strawberries             dandelion            clover

Bog rhododendron           Sweet fern           Ostridge fern                  Wild rose

Campanula         buttercup

Labrador Tea


Bluejay                American robin       American crow        White throated sparrow      Boreal chickadee            seagull

Yellow  finch       red-winged blackbird     Eastern kinglet          Downy  woodpecker

Possible Owl Scat’


Tadpole                                water beetle

French horn snail             water leech

Skimmers            water striders    caddisfly              dragonfly             diving beetle

Lepodriptera      water boatman              mayflies               dobsin fly            blackfly larvae

Damsel flies


Slug                        ants                       worm                    caterpillar            mosquito

Black flies            spider                      moth                     hopping beetle                 butterfly

centipede           ladybug                      grasshopper


Fox scat                     hare feces         Red  squirrel      humans

Field mouse              raccoon             owl pellets          skunk (smell)


Frog eggs (jelly pod)       Salamander eggs              skud      tadpoles              fish eggs      Spring Peeper frog