April to May is Generation Conservation Time


Generation Conservation is an educational program aimed at helping children learn more about the issues of Energy & Conservation.. This is an exciting grade six science curriculum-based program which BBEMA is delivering across Prince Edward Island (in partnership with Maritime Electric) with the objective of giving youth knowledge and the tools to become Generation C – a generation of dedicated energy conservers.  Lessons are interactive and include cross curricular connections to language arts, mathematics and social studies.  The program offers in class presentation that introduce students to understanding energy consumption, identify factors and activities that would help conserve energy in the home and school and how this helps to protect the environment, assist students/parents to track their personal household energy use through a take home audit that will monitor the energy used by the students/parents/guardians.

If you are a teacher and would be interested in having the BBEMA Environmental Education Coordinator visit your classroom (or know of a teacher) please contact the BBEMA office at:

  902-886-3211 for more information about this program or email projects@bbema.ca