BBEMA mini farm heads to Wedgewood Manor to visit residents

The theme BBEMA’s float for the 2012 Summerside Lobster Carnival was “working with farmers to make our RED Island GREENER” – the float was complete with a mini farm that included: Shetland sheep, Pygmy goat, dairy calf, Flemish Giant rabbits, chickens, a miniature horse and miniature donkey – before heading off to the parade the BBEMA gang headed up to visit the residents and staff of Wedgewood Manor  – providing the seniors and staff the opportunity to visit with the farm animals.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the animals and remembering their younger years when some of them were raised on local Island farms.  All in all the BBEMA crowd had a great day 🙂

a resident of Wedgewood Manor, Summerside visits with Ronnie the miniature donkey – Saturaday July 14th