Fall Field Project Wrap Up

Fall has arrived and BBEMA’s field coordinators and crew are still busy with wildlife enhancement and monitoring projects: 

Summerside Ice Pond Restoration –  Phase 1 of this project has wrapped up for the fall – we have removed the old fish ladder and dam structure opening up the waterway to allow drainage from the pond and flush out the area over the winter.  Next year there will be some more major changes to this site.

Dunk River Estuary Silt Remediation – The deflector is completely build and rock has been loaded. A few more finishing touches and this project will be done.

Habitat Enhancement:  BBEMA partnered with the Summerside Holland College Transitions class to enhance wildlife corridors and increase biodiversity with the City of Summerside’s green spaces.

Monarch Watch Update: All of our Monarch butterflies for the 2017 field season have been tagged and released for their migration to their wintering grounds in Mexico. We wish them luck and safe travels!!

Population Monitoring: BBEMA staff are monitoring and collecting data on the species, size, sex of fish moving through the fish ladder at Scales Pond to establish baseline data on populations within the Dunk River.